Late to Grid Motosports Podcast

Aaron Quine SCCA Trans Am, IGT Porsche Driver, and a Good Guy

January 29, 2022 Aaron Quine Season 2 Episode 5
Late to Grid Motosports Podcast
Aaron Quine SCCA Trans Am, IGT Porsche Driver, and a Good Guy
Show Notes

We catch up with Aaron Quine at his race shop and learn more about his racing and motorsports career.  Aaron's story is another great example of how networking, being a professional, and looking for opportunities can pay off.

Like many of our guests, Aaron got the racing bug from his father who raced Corvettes and Aaron grew up at Mid-Ohio and Nelson Ledges.  In fact, his dad gave him some great advice, "Meet as many people as you can.  You help them and they'll help you."
Last year he won the Great Lakes series championship in TA2, started racing in the IGT series and won at Daytona.  It was his first time in a Porsche and went from 7th to 1st in the rain.

Aaron will be racing in SCCA's GT2 series, the IGT series, and SRO in 2022.

Aaron instructs and coaches at the Mid-Ohio School and the Ford Performance Racing School at the Charolette Motor Speedway.

Aaron's Corvette was featured in DEI's PRI Road Show - Here's the burnout!

Looking for race tires?  Check out Stupid Fast Tires.  His shop in Wadsworth can get your tires ready to go, but he also offers trackside services.  44 foot, gooseneck trailer, with four tire machines and four tire balancers.  They can handle it!  Also, he can help with your car's handling.  Aaron helps his clients better understand how tires can help their vehicle's on-track handling and performance.

Aaron shares news that there might be a Camping World NASCAR Truck race in his future.   This is another awesome example of networking.  Good luck Aaron!!

We learn about a scary coaching moment where a student didn't listen and they ended up on the roof.  Yikes!

Plus, check this out, Aaron's so cool that Summit Racing has a special Aaron Quine paint kit you can purchase.

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