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Andrew Rains from APEX Pro & Former Pirelli World Challenge Driver

January 22, 2022 Andrew Rains APEX Pro Season 2 Episode 4
Late to Grid Motosports Podcast
Andrew Rains from APEX Pro & Former Pirelli World Challenge Driver
Show Notes

If there's a lesson to be learned here it's, Say yes to any opportunity.

As you'll listen Andrew Rains has had a busy career in motorsports and he's still a young man.  From working at a performance auto shop to flying on a private jet with a Grand Am team as a pit crew member, Andrew has built a foundation for solid career in our sport.

While at Auburn University he was on the Formula SAE team and handled driving duties and was responsible for sponsorships.  This program connected with him his business partner and they realized the need for better and simpler data systems.

He's also a tenured professional coach and racer with wheel to wheel experience in the Pirelli World Challenge series (2015 -2017) and he raced a stock car for a year.  Andrew has taken the APEX Pro technology beyond motorsports to offer custom engineering and technology development services for entrepreneurs and companies with needs in the connected device space (Internet of Things) - see Moxieint link below.

Andrew also has worked at the Porsche Track Experience at Barber Motorsports Park and still offers coaching to drivers looking to get better.

The APRX Pro offers a free app for your iPhone and there's the APEX Pro Unit that provides better GPS data and gives real time, visual feedback.  There's an OBDII unit as well.

Andrew talks about getting stuck at the Canadian border while having his truck and trailer searched, selling a bunch of assets to buy the remains of the Grand Am team only to sell the cars a year later and then build a Honda Accord.  We also talk about coaching and how using a coach can save you money in the long run. 

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