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Late To Grid: E31 - Aaron Johnson SCCA EProd S2000 Racer

December 18, 2021 Aaron Johnson Season 1 Episode 31
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Late To Grid: E31 - Aaron Johnson SCCA EProd S2000 Racer
Show Notes

Aaron Johnson is an accomplished SCCA race car driver that has an awesome passion for our sport.

While Arron's racing resume is impressive, what's more impressive is he's accomplished all of this while raising six children and relocating  domestically and internationally.  Plus, he's a budget minded racer that doesn't break the bank to go fast.

In the early years he had a Triumph TR-6, then raced a Spitfire in H Production and now races a Honda S2000 in E Production.

Aaron's Racing Resume:
Obtained SCCA Regional Competition License in 2002
Obtained SCCA National Competition License in 2004
Over 50 SCCA Races
Won a few regional races between 2002 and 2005
1st SCCA National Win H Production – Heatwave National 8/12/07
2007 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 28 Finish 21 H Production
2008 blew up an engine big time and took 2008/9/10 to fix
2011/12 ran regional races to get the car back up to speed
2013 SCCA Mid-States Conference Champion H Production
2013 4th Place National Points H Production
2013 2 US Majors Tour Victories, 4 Second Places H Production
2013 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 14 Finish 8 H Production
2014 year off and some regional races
2015 ran 1 race in the s2000 before he bought it
2017 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 26 Finish 24  E Production
2020 2 US Majors Tour Victories E Production
2020 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 14 Finish 11 E Production
2021 2 US Majors R Victories, 4 2nd Places E Production
2021 US Majors Tour Northeast Conference Champion E Production
2021 SCCA Runoffs Qualify 9th Finish DNF E Production

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