Late to Grid - Helping The Grassroots Racer

Late To Grid: E29 - Bill's SEMA Recap

November 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 29
Late to Grid - Helping The Grassroots Racer
Late To Grid: E29 - Bill's SEMA Recap
Show Notes

Bill interviewed a few of the exhibitors at the 2021 SEMA show.

Hawk Performance Brakes:
Taylor Allen shares more information about Hawk and announces the new endurance racing brake pad.
Hawk's Instagram

EBC Brakes:
Candice and Steve share more about EBC brakes.  We learn RP1 & RPX pads with floating discs and they tease us about a new release that will be announced at PRI.
EBC Brakes Instagram
Ian Downey tells us more about services  and reminds us that it's a free site.  Buying or selling a race car, trailer, to rig has never been easier!
Racing Junk Instagram

Brian Fowler tells us more about the products that Ohlins offers and reminds us that Ohlins was selected as the damper provider for  Next Gen NASCAR car.  He also shares a few new product launches.
Ohlins Instagram

NRG Innovations:
Jason the VP at NRG Innovations talks about their affordable product lines for your daily driver and your track car.  They are releasing a new line of reclining seats and designer steering wheels.
NRG Instagram

Big Kids Garage:
James Packer tells us more about his new project, Big Kids Garage.  He's a NASA racer and has a long history in motorsports.
Big Kids Garage Instagram

Essex Racing:
Jack from Essex Racing which is the exclusive AP distributor in America talks about AP Racing's products which includes brake components and clutches.  He also discusses the selection of AP to part of the Next Gen NASCAR car.
Essex Racing Instagram

G-Force Racing Gear:
Craig Robinson tells us all about what G-Force Racing has to offer and highlights their new helmet. We learn that a new suit, glove and  shoe line is coming out next year.  For this year there is the Super Nova T800, full carbon fiber helmet.
G-Force Instagram

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