Late to Grid - Helping The Grassroots Racer

Late To Grid: E25 - Coyote Black - SCCA EP Racer & Passionate Motorsports Guy

October 16, 2021 Coyote Black Season 1 Episode 25
Late to Grid - Helping The Grassroots Racer
Late To Grid: E25 - Coyote Black - SCCA EP Racer & Passionate Motorsports Guy
Show Notes

Coyote was on the cover of Sports Car Magazine!

He's a Honda guy who started with a street car, joined SCCA, sold lots of his possessions, found a truck & trailer for $2500 and went to Summit Point and got his license.

He's a road racing driver in the SCCA Majors/ Super Tour/ Runoffs.  Sits on the Steel Cities Region Board of Directors- Outreach Committee.  Coyote is a Track Night in America Novice Coach and Pitt Race HPDE Coach.

In 2018 (first year of racing) was regional champ at Summit Point.

Coyote's been Rookie of the Year in two regions and in 2019 raced his first majors.  Plus he qualified for Runoffs in 2019.  He was top 9 in the Northeast in 2019.

2020 was kinda a mess, like it was for everyone.

2021 was off to a better start after a win at Summit Point.  Pocono was a DNF and then a 3rd place.  Racing at Pitt also had a DNF and at Watkins Glen had a tire blow out that resulted in a concussion and a lot of side damage.

He was actually finishing the car repairs at Indy during Runoffs.

2021 Runoffs had its up and downs.  During the qualifying sessions he was getting faster until the camshaft broke.  Bummer!  However, after finding a head and 10 hours of work he was back, ready to go.  He was the only FWD.  After going off in T4 he picked up gravel which made its way into the timing belt area and game over.  He was moving through the field too - going from 24th to 16th.

Coyote's advice to those that want to get into motorsports - just do it! 

When it comes to resources Coyote recommends finding people who are winning in your same make and model car.  Ask them what they are doing.  What parts, what set up, etc.

Has Coyote bee late to grid?  The answer is yes and listen to find out where and when.

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