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Late To Grid: E23 - Greg Lester - SCCA Road Rally

September 23, 2021 Greg Lester Season 1 Episode 23
Late to Grid Motosports Podcast
Late To Grid: E23 - Greg Lester - SCCA Road Rally
Show Notes

Our first Road Rally episode set the bar high!  Greg Lester has been involved with SCCA Road Rallies since 1984 and is the regional guru when it comes to all things rally.

Greg has been Neohio SCCA Rally Chairman for many years.  He has organized numerous SCCA Regional, Divisional and National rallies - most notably, the Johnny Appleseed Rally, and the Ohio Winter Rally (OWR).  He has shared OWR rallymaster duties with Ken Swarm for the last 25 years. He also did a stint as SCCA Central Division Rally steward.

Greg has won numerous SCCA Central/Great Lakes Division Rally Series Championships, as well as 3 SCCA National Rally Championships. His name appears on the list of past Ohio Winter Rally winners more times than any other. His is also one of only two names that appear in both the driver and navigator columns.

We discuss all things rally and Greg provides an overview of what someone new to Road Rally should expect and prepare for.

Greg provides details on the upcoming Johnny Appleseed Rally which will be held on 10/23/2021.  If you've been thinking about trying out rallying, check out this event. 

Learn more about the Neohio SCCA Road Rally program:
Neohio SCCA Road Rally Site
SCCA Road Rally Facebook Group

Johnny Appleseed Rally Information/Registration 

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