Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing

Matt Harbert - Rad Air Racing & Atomic Autosports & Full Of Energy

January 10, 2024 Matt Harbert Season 4 Episode 2
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Matt Harbert - Rad Air Racing & Atomic Autosports & Full Of Energy
Show Notes

Matt Harbert is an automotive technician at Atomic Autosports and Rad Air in Wickliffe.  He's also the team lead on the Rad Air Racing team and I finally had him on the podcast.

Matt's full of energy and represents the great part of our sport.  I am excited to see people like Matt taking an interest in grassroots racing and contributing to the industry rather than just be in the industry.

Matt shares some great advice...

  • Don't modify your car crazy
  • Skip Miata and buy a Corvette
  • Have fun (many people have told him this)
  • Get seat time
  • Change your fluids and look over your car prior to an event

Connect with and keep up with Matt (or try)...
Rad Air Racing

Has Matt been Late To Grid?  Very close and there's a big lesson involved.

We give a shoutout to Andy Graham and his team at  Listen to Andy's episode here.

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