Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing

Sim Racing to Wheel to Wheel Racing with Andy Blanchard

October 30, 2023 Andy Blanchard - Street Fighters Season 3 Episode 37
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Sim Racing to Wheel to Wheel Racing with Andy Blanchard
Show Notes

Andy Blanchard joins the Late To Grid podcast to talk about his motorsports journey which includes moving from sim-racing (he repurposes arcade consoles) to a track day with Reed Kryder (here's a link to Reed on the Late To Grid podcast) to wheel to wheel racing with Lemons and ChampCar.

Bill and Andy talk about Andy's 2023 season, what's planned for the off-season, and what 2024 has in store for the team.  They are really hoping to do an endurance race at Nelson Ledges Road Course.

Andy shares the fun story of acquiring his race car and the interest that the previous owner still has in seeing their family car now on track as an endurance racer.

Andy's highlights the advice he's received that's been helpful:
Look as far ahead as possible
Smooth is fast
Get a cheap car to beat on

Here's the advice Andy shares with those getting involved:
Do an HPDE event
Get a simulator (if you have the budget)

When Andy wants to learn more or research he visits forums,, and

Connect with Andy & Street Fighter Racing:

Andy gives a shoutout to their sponsors:
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Butchers Son. Corning, NY
Volo. Corning NY
Nine Eleven Fab.  Streetsboro, OH

Has Andy been Late To Grid?  Yes, at first race at Gingerman Raceway.  Listen in to hear why.

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Thanks for listening and taking an interest in growing grassroots racing. The Late To Grid podcast shares the stories and inspiration that help listeners along their motorsports journey. Want to start to do track days, HPDE events, and eventually race? Our guests share their advice to help you.