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Renting Race Cars & B Spec Racing with Frank Schwartz

September 19, 2023 Frank Schwartz Season 3 Episode 31
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Renting Race Cars & B Spec Racing with Frank Schwartz
Show Notes

Renting a race car is a great way to get on track and not worry about the hassle of storing, prepping, maintaining, and transporting you race car.  Frank and Bill discuss the rental programs that Grass Paddock Motorsports offers and how it works.

Frank Schwartz is one of the driving forces behind the growth of B-Spec racing and many people called him crazy for buying a B Spec race car.  He applied his business knowledge to B Spec racing and now it's the fastest growing form of racing in the United States.

Curious on how B Spec racing started?  We cover it!

Frank is a great example of why I love this sport.  He's always willing to help others, he's interested in growing the sport, and it's all about having fun at the track.

When asked about the best motorsports advice he has received, he shares a very interesting perspective.  The advice was ill timed.  Meaning the advice given did not have a foundation to be helpful.  Wow!  Think about that for a moment.  As we give younger drivers advice let's make sure they have foundation to build upon with the advice we are sharing.

Frank's advice to those that want to get started...get to the track as a volunteer or spectator.  Better yet, crew for a team.  You'll learn quite a bit.

Why rent a race car?

  1. You don't have space for a race car at home.
  2. You are just getting started
  3. You've entered a driver's school 
  4. You race three events a year - it's financially less expensive to rent
  5. You don't have the time to maintain a race car (time vs money)

Franks shares that he's always Late To Grid - and with good reason.  He's helping his renters!

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