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The Journey From Formula SAE To GT4 With Kevin Boehm

July 10, 2023 Kevin Boehm Season 3 Episode 24
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
The Journey From Formula SAE To GT4 With Kevin Boehm
Show Notes

Kevin Boehm joins the podcast to talk about his motorsports journey and share his advice to get active in grassroots racing.

Kevin is a championship-winning driver and engineer.  He currently competes in the Pirelli GT4 America series in the No. 92 CrowdStrike Racing/AWS BMW M4 GT4 with co-driver Kenton Koch.

In 2020, Boehm was awarded the TC America series TCA Drivers’ Championship and TCA Team Championship as well as the TCA Rookie of the Year Award. He is also a four-time Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) National Champion.

When not at the track, Kevin works as a Senior Engineer and test driver at Honda Research and Development, Inc., which handles research design and product development for a wide array of Honda production vehicles.

Kevin shares great advice for those wanting to get into our sport - help out and volunteer!

To connect with Kevin visit:
Kevin's Website

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