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Ross Bentley From Speed Secrets

May 01, 2023 Ross Bentley From Speed Secrets Season 3 Episode 17
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Ross Bentley From Speed Secrets
Show Notes

How cool is it that I have Ross Bentley on the Late To Grid podcast to talk about his motorsports background?  Very cool I think!

Ross is a driver coach for high-performance and race drivers.   He loves to help drivers of all levels and types with not just the physical aspect of performance driving, but also the mental game.  Ross's coaching services include;  in-person 1-on-1 and group coaching, as well as seminars and workshops; also online webinars, training videos, and through writing books and articles.

Like many of my guests, Ross's family introduced him to motorsports.  Ross went to racing school and his first season was a modified car on an oval track and then got into road racing.  He was always looking to get to the next level.  He found that he really enjoyed helping others and figured out a way to get paid for it which helped him fund his next step in racing.

Ross shares some great memories, stories, and advice in this episode.

Ross's advice:
Have fun!
Keep in mind that a 'super trick' does not exist.
Do the basics better
Be politely persistent (when it comes to chasing with sponsors)

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