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You down with OPTT? The OH & PA Time Trial Championship

March 28, 2023 Dan Dennehy, Taylor Allen, Chris Carlisle, Eric Franz Season 3 Episode 11
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
You down with OPTT? The OH & PA Time Trial Championship
Show Notes

You down with OPTT?

You will be after this episode.  Bill sits down with the a few of the guys involved with a really cool time trial concept that continues the Northern Ohio and Western PA rivalry. 

This is the second year for the Regional Time Trial Championship that is designed to foster inclusion and fun between the NEOhio, Steel Cities, and other SCCA regions.

Plus they've lined up some really cool award categories with awesome sponsors including MisFit Autowerks, Hawk Brakes, Summit Racing, and  Yellow Bridge Brewing.

A big thanks to Dan Dennehy, Taylor Allen, Eric Franz, and Chris Carlisle for sharing their time trial knowledge and the best driving advice they've received.

The best driving advice they've received?
Taylor: Slow your hands down
Chris: Stay away from tricks
Eric: Keep eyes up
Dan: Seat time is key

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