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SCCA Day of Motorsports with Jennifer Bradford

March 23, 2023 Jennifer Bradford Season 3 Episode 10
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
SCCA Day of Motorsports with Jennifer Bradford
Show Notes

Bill sits down with Jennifer Bradford from the Neohio SCCA to talk about her motorsports background and the upcoming Neohio SCCA Day of Motorsports.

Jennifer has been an SCCA member since birth, no joke, and is involved in racing, just like her mom, dad, and brother.  Jen races her F500 in autocross and time trial events and is working to obtain her competition license.

Bill and Jennifer discuss:

  • Jennifer's F500 season & motorsports background
  • Neohio SCCA Day of Motorsports
  • Women in motorsports & getting started

What the Day of Motorsports includes:

Cars  and Coffee Cleveland  car show
Safety demonstrations
Presentations from experts on car prep, tires, and brakes
Regional vendors and suppliers
Opportunity to learn about how to get involved (behind the wheel & volunteer)
The day ends with a Track Night in America event

How to contact Jennifer:
Email Jennifer

Links discussed during the show:
Neohio SCCA Facebook
Day of Motorsports Facebook Event
Neohio SCCA Website
Register for Track Night in America

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