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Chase McIntyre - Spec Miata Racer

March 18, 2023 Chase McIntyre Season 3 Episode 9
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Chase McIntyre - Spec Miata Racer
Show Notes

Chase McIntyre started his racing journey in his senior year in high school when his parents sent him to the Mid-Ohio driving school as a graduation gift.  From there he rented a Spec Racer Ford from previous guest Reed Kryder to see how he could do in a real race car.  He went on to get his NASA and SCCA license during a driving school at VIR.

Chase races a Spec Miata and in 2021 won Rookie of the year and the SLT championship with Neohio SCCA.

In 2022 he won the Neohio regional Spec Miata Championship with Spec Miata wins at Nelson Ledges and Mid-Ohio.

For 2023 Chase intends to continue in Spec Miata with a focus on regional and super tour events with the goal to get to SCCA run offs.  He'll also compete in some endurance events.

Some of the great advice Chase shares:

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