Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing

How To Get Started - Steve Jaworski's Motorsports Journey

February 12, 2023 Steve Jaworski Season 3 Episode 6
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
How To Get Started - Steve Jaworski's Motorsports Journey
Show Notes

When I started the Late To Grid podcast, Steve Jaworski's story is exactly what I hoped I would be able to share.

Steve was always a spectator at motorsports events, but then he  bought his dream car and  researched how to get on track.   He is now entering his third season of on-track activities and his enthusiasm and level of involvement is growing

Here are the some of things you'll hear in this episode:

  • Look where you want to go
  • How instruction can help with tire wear and speed
  • Why to still go to a track day when it's raining
  • Seat time is seat time - enter events!

Steve rattles off so many of our past guests including:
Reed Kryder
Jason @ AutoInterests
HPDE Junkie
Dan Dennehy
Track Night in America
Track First

I love Steve's advice of "be nice to folks".  Spot on!  He shares some other advice during the episode as well.

Has Steve ever been Late To Grid?  No, not late - but unprepared.

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