Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing

Jason Pribyl - Growing From Karts To Formula Cars

January 27, 2023 Jason Pribyl Season 3 Episode 4
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Jason Pribyl - Growing From Karts To Formula Cars
Show Notes

Jason Pribyl joins Bill in the Atomic Autosports studio to share his motorsports journey.

Jason started racing karts at age 6, moved onto Lucas Oil School Of Racing at age 13 and then onto F1600 in 2019.

In 2022 Jason participated in the Road To Indy program and raced Spec MX-5.

His advice for someone who wants to get started is to look at karting and track days.

Like many other guests, Jason talks about the importance of networking.  As Jason builds his motorsports career, he looks for opportunities  to be at the track, to network, and be seen.  He shared some great advice - talk with everyone and be friends with everyone.

Has he been Late To Grid?  He likes to be the first to grid, but does share a story of when he was Late To Grid in karting

Micheal Ribas from ETC Coaching talks about Relationship Coaching and the importance of it.

Matt Harbert from Atomic Autosports talks about what tools to pack for your next track event.

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