Late to Grid - Helping The Grassroots Racer

Motorsports Fitness With Trey Shannon From PitFit

January 21, 2023 Trey Shannon Season 3 Episode 3
Late to Grid - Helping The Grassroots Racer
Motorsports Fitness With Trey Shannon From PitFit
Show Notes

Being behind the wheel requires physical and mental fitness and Trey Shannon explains to our listeners how fitness plays an important role in making sure that drivers  are ready to be their best on track.  Trey is the Performance Director at PitFit Charlotte in Cornelius, NC.

As Trey prepared to complete in a 24 hour kart event he fell in love with the fitness and nutrition preparations that PitFit designed and implemented with him.  He was a full time engineer and started a side hustle of helping driver's with their fitness.  This side hustle provided top level motorsport performance training for drivers and crew and it eventually became Podium Performance, a full time endeavor.

Trey recommends sticking to the walls of the grocery store and explains this concept which is a very interesting.

Has Trey ever been Late To Grid?  You'll have to listen to find out.

When we recorded this episode it was just under two weeks before the 2023 Rolex 24 at Daytona and Trey and the team  have been getting almost two dozen drivers ready for the event.  How cool is that?

Micheal Ribas from ETC Coaching talks about Performance Coaching.  Performance Coaching can help with increased self awareness, increased productivity, and higher career satisfaction.

Matt Harbet from Atomic Autosports talks about the importance of lug nuts and why torquing lug nuts is a must do .

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