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Dan Schlosser & Eric Vukich - Pro Kart Concepts

February 12, 2022 Dan Schlosser & Eric Vukich Season 2 Episode 7
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Dan Schlosser & Eric Vukich - Pro Kart Concepts
Show Notes

Karting is where it starts for many racers so it only makes sense that we have two guests on this episode that are heavily involved in karting in the midwest.

Like many in our sport, family got them involved in motorsports.  At age six Dan started going to the Indy 500 and Eric's dad had a vintage car business and was dragged to Lernerville Speedway.

Dan's worked in the Motorsports industry for over 20 years first as writer, photographer and managing editor for TrackSide Online - an online content service provider working primarily in IndyCar. He also provided PR work for drivers and teams which lead me to a relationship with BeaveRun Motorsports Complex (now Pitt Race), where his kids raced karts.

Eric is a fan of start-ups and has been in karting since 2010.  He's just getting his four year old daughter into a kart and his two sons have raced karts for years.  Eric enjoys being at the track and supports PKC's goal to get more involved in motorsports.

Pro Kart Concepts was born out of a few opportunities.  Pitt Race's continued karting program growth, two new kart tracks being built in Ohio and an opportunity with the OTK brand.

PKC will provide karts sales, set-up, tuning , trackside support, arrive and drives, and consumables.  Coaching will be part of their offering as well.  These services are needed to grow a success karting program.  The goal is to keep their customers on track and out of the garage.

Although we talk about data, karting is simple.  It's all about getting on track, running laps and having fun.

Dan was asked what I want to people to learn from this episode he replied,  "I’d like to let people know that getting in to karting with their family is about making memories together that can’t be replicated. For a fortunate few it may result in a lifetime career but for all it’s a lifetime of memories. "

How to connect with Pro Kart Concepts:
PKC on Facebook
PKC Website (Eric's & Dan's emails are on the site)

Other resources, companies mentioned:
OTK Karts
Pitt Race Karting

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