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Michael Ribas, Professional Development Coach & Indy 500 Winning Mechanic

February 06, 2022 Michael Ribas Season 2 Episode 6
Late to Grid - Grassroots Racing
Michael Ribas, Professional Development Coach & Indy 500 Winning Mechanic
Show Notes

Can you believe that we have an Indy 500 winning race mechanic on the show?  Not only that though - he has an awesome background in motorsports which includes Penske's Indycar and IMSA programs, worked with Mario Andretti and Paul Newman, and graduated from the Jim Russell Racing School.

Michael Ribas gives us some great advice, "Show up,  work hard, and have a good attitude."  He applied that advice each and every day and he went from graduating from racing mechanic school to an exciting career in professional motorsports.

In case you didn't know, I'm a huge Roger Penske fan and Michael shares some insights about Roger's work ethic.

It's not all about hard work though - you have to have the opportunity as well.  Make the most of the opportunity!

We transition from Michael's motorsports background and talk about his coaching program.
More and more people are engaging with coaches whether it's for personal fitness, career growth, personal development, or getting better on the track.

I love this quote he gives, "It's for first time through for all of us."  Think about that.   This is where a coach can help. 

Coaching isn't about giving you the answer, it's about helping you find it. 

Michael shares a few ideas on steps you can take to set your goals.  What's the goal?   What do you want?  It's OK to think big, but be realistic.

We've all heard that writing down goals is important.  Michael wrote down that he wanted to win the Indianapolis 500.  17 years later he did!

Michael also shares a funny story about the Indycar movie, Driven.

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